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Using Stripe Customer Portal With Checkouts Plugin

If you are looking for the option to allow your paying subscribers to update their card details, Stripe actually has this built into their platform now. 

It is called “Customer Portal” in Stripe and you can get to that by logging into your Stripe Dashboard, and navigating to “Billing” and “Subscriptions” where you should see some link to set that up. Here is a screenshot: 

The way that works is you would share that link with anyone who wants to update their information. They would then enter their email address and will be sent a one time link to access their information on your stripe account. You can see what it looks like by setting this up in test mode first and sending through a test subscription from a checkouts form. After the subscriber is in their link to the customer portal from Stripe they will see something like this here: 

The steps they would take is to add a payment method:

Then they will need to set that card as the default card:

They can then delete the other card if they want. There is no way to update a card. They can just add the same card with a different expiry date if they choose. You can also verify this by checking their account in your Stripe and it will show the new default card there when you click on them from the customer area in Stripe. 

Please note that your customer must choose a payment method that the Checkouts plugin accepts, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Card. Other payment methods would not be compatible and should not be used.

If your customer uses a non supported payment method, then Stripe may not communicate properly with Checkouts on future rebills.

Using PayPal? If you are using PayPal, your customer already has the ability to manage their subscription directly from their PayPal account. The above is only for Stripe.

Updated on November 19, 2023

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