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Smart Theme v3 Homepage Standard Layout

In this article, we are going to look at how to setup your Blog Homepage Standard layout.
First go to your WP-dashboard >> click on Appearance >> Theme Options >> Blog >> Homepage Hero and turn on the Homepage hero.

After you turn it on the homepage option, go to  Hero Layout and select Standard/ Header Title.

For your text content, you can add your title text and subtitle.

You can select the alignment of your text content using the Alignment option

Using the Button Style option of the Blog Homepage Standard layout, you can customize the button text, Button text colour , Button background and Button hover background.

For the background section, you do have two option which is Background image and Background Color. Setting up the background color will only display if you do not add a background image.
Background Color:

The background image option allows you customize the Background Repeat, Background Size, Background Attachment and Background Position of the image. 

Also, using the background image option allows you to add a Hero Background Image Overlay Colour

And lastly, you can customize the fonts of your text and button text of your blog homepage layout using Typography option. 

Updated on November 24, 2022

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