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Smart Theme v3 Homepage Hero with Featured Post

This is the Hero section of your Blog Homepage:

To customize this section, please go to Appearance >>Theme Options >> Blog>> Homepage Hero

If you don’t want the Homepage Hero to be displayed just turn off the Homepage Hero and then Save Changes. 

Hero Layout- By default the hero layout is set to Featured post. But you can also select Video or Standard (Header Title) .

You can also choose to hide your post excerpt .

You can also edit the button on your Homepage Hero. 

You can also edit the Hero Text Colour ( This does not include the description/excerpt of the post) . 

You can also customize the Font Family,Font Subsets , Font Weight and Style of the Title, Description and Button. 

If you would like to customize your Hero Background, just toggle the options from Default to Custom.

You’ll be able to set your background image and change hero background image overlay colour

Or you can set background color 

If you would like to reset the specific section to its default settings, click on the Reset Section at the top. If you want to reset the entire smart theme settings back to its default, click the Reset All button.

Updated on November 24, 2022

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