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Show Checkouts Alerts With OptimizeUrgency

The OptimizeUrgency integration with the OptimizeCheckouts plugin will help you show alerts on your site for the sales you make, which will give a sense of urgency to potential buyers of your products. When they see that others have already made purchases, they may buy due to “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out).

How to Set Up the Integration between OptimizeUrgency and Checkouts

Step 1 – On the OptimizeDashboard page, click Urgency in the sidebar.

Step 2 – On the Urgency page, click the “+” button or “Create New Urgency Alert” button to create an alert.

Step 3 – Once clicked, a window will pop-up. Go and select OptimizeCheckouts.

Step 4 – Scroll down and give it a name. Click “Create & Continue” when done.

Step 5 – When done, click on “Edit Urgency Alert” to start editing your newly created alert.

Step 6 – On the Urgent Alert setting of your new alert box, click on “Configure Display Settings” button.

Step 7 – Make adjustments as needed.

Here is a list of what each setting is for:

Display On Desktop – Show this alert box on desktop screen sizes
Display on Mobile – Show this alert box on mobile screen sizes
Alert Position – Select where the alert box appears on the screen
Time to first alert – Set the time before the first alert is displayed
Alert Duration – Set the time each alert remains on screen
Time between Alerts – Set the time delay between alerts displaying (after first alert)
Event Threshold – Display only content within this time threshold (e.g. purchases made within this timespan from current date)
Show Alerts On – Set which pages or posts you want this alert to show
Importance – Set the priority of this alert box over other boxes. The alert with highest priority will show on pages where 2 or more alerts are set
Show Close Button – Display the close button on the alert
Show Time Ago – Show the time since the event
Loop Alerts – Display the alerts on a loop or only show them once per page load
Verified by OptimizeCheckouts – Display the verified by OptimizeCheckouts statement on the notification pop-up

Step 8 – Save your work when done by clicking “Save & Continue”.

Step 9 – Then, click on the “Configure Design Settings” button.

Step 10 – Make the changes to the design according to your preference.

See below the list of what each setting is for:

Alert Design – Select between a rounded shape or a rounder square shape alert
Alert Content – Set the type of content for the alert image
Select Alert Icon – Set the alert avatar icon. Using your custom avatar image is also allowed.
Icon Background Color – Set the background color behind the icon if set
Alert Box Line 1 – Set the first line of phrase in the alert content area.
Alert Box Line 2 – Set the second line of phrase in the alert content area.

Step 11 – Save when done by clicking “Save & Continue”.

Step 12 – When completed, click on “Configure Alert Content”.

Step 13 – Make the changes. On the Configure Alert Content settings window, choose which product pages won’t be shown on notifications.

As for the “Include Checkout Modes” setting, you may opt to display the sales from test mode, live mode, or both on alert. Hit “Save & Continue” when done.

Updated on January 29, 2024

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