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Product Included Files Settings

The “Included Files” settings screen when editing a product is a feature you can use to add a secured downloads to your products and then display them on the order summary pages using the Checkouts Download Element.

Download Limits

You can choose how many times a member may download the file. Once the number is exceeded then they will not be able to download it.

Add New Download

To add a new download, just click the “Add Download” button.

You’ll then see the following screen:

For the file storage, you can use a custom URL, WordPress Media (as shown above), or you can choose Amazon S3 storage, which you can learn how to integrate through this link:

Edit an Included Downloadable File

To edit the details of an included file, just click the blue “edit” button

You’ll see some options that can be edited

If you need to change the file itself, the only way to do that is to create a new one, and then delete the previous one. You can only edit the File Name and File Description.

Deleting an Included File

You can delete the included file by clicking the trash icon.

Then click to confirm you want to delete it.

Updated on November 13, 2023

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