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OptimizeFunnels – Funnel Settings

Each funnel within OptimizeFunnels has its own settings page where you can do things like change the funnel’s title, change the funnel slug, add custom scripts on all funnels pages, reset funnel stats, and delete the funnel.

Lets look at each of these options below.

Resetting Your Funnel Stats

Resetting stats is something that you might want to do before going live with your funnel as you may have generated some stats while running tests.

To clear the stats and reset them, just click the “Reset the Stats” button under the Settings Tab.

Then quickly click the red “Are you sure” button to reset the stats. If you clicked the “Reset the Stats” button by accident, just wait a few seconds after the red button shows and it will revert back without resetting the stats.

Now you’ll see a notice in the bottom right that the stats have been deleted.

Change Funnel Title

To change the funnel title, just type in the title field to replace the one that is there. Don’t forget to click the “Save” button at the bottom of the settings page.

Change Funnel Slug

You can change the funnel slug as well. This would be the slug for this specific funnel. Make sure to not use capital letters, spaces, or special characters. Just use lower case text and dashes if you want.

Add Custom Scripts to All Funnel Pages

If you have some scripts that you need to add to all funnel pages within this specific funnel, then you can enter them here on the funnel settings page. Once you enter your scripts, click the blue “Save” button.

Delete the Entire Funnel

Before deleting your funnel please make sure that if you want to save any pages as templates, that you do so prior to deleting your funnel. There is no way to restore the funnel once it’s deleted. Click the red “Delete Entire Funnel” button on the bottom right of the Funnel Settings page, and click the confirmation popup to confirm you really wish to delete the funne. Once you click the “Ok” button in the confirmation popup, the funnel will immediately be deleted.

Note that you can also delete funnels from the main Funnels dashboard as well.

Updated on June 11, 2023

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