Membership Redirections Settings

Each membership has its own redirection settings. These settings will override the default Mentor redirections on a per membership basis. You can also set memberships priorities which also control how the redirections work if a member has multiple memberships.

Override Redirections with Membership Redirection Settings

If you need a different redirection page for different Memberships, you can override these in each Membership you create. To do this, just navigate to “Mentor > Memberships” and click “Edit” on the Membership you want to change these options for. 

Then click on “Redirection Settings”

Now, you’ll want to turn on the option to Override General Settings Redirects (which just means to override the default redirection options). 

As soon as you turn on the Override option, you’ll then be able to select the redirection pages you want for this specific Membership. Don’t forget to click the “Save changes” button at the bottom in order to save the options you selected.

How to Set the Redirection Priority

If you have more than one Membership, and you have chosen to override the default redirections, You can drag and drop the order of the Memberships from the main Memberships settings area to set the Priority. When a member has multiple memberships, the redirections will be determined by the highest Membership on the list of Memberships that you set here. 

The Membership on the top has the highest priority and if that is one of the memberships a member has, then the redirection options will pull from that Membership. 

You can change the priority of a Membership by simply dragging and dropping the order of the Memberships

If you need further help with redirections for membership or the overall membership settings, please reach out to the support team and we’ll be happy to help.

Updated on November 14, 2023

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