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Loading Google Fonts Locally

We recognise that due to GDPR restrictions in some countries, loading Google fonts from their server can also render some Google tracking information to your site which can breach GDPR rules.

To help avoid this, you can use a plugin to load Google fonts locally on your site.

We recommend the OMGF plugin which you can download from the WordPress repository (go to PLugins > Add New and search for “OMGF” or download from the page below:

We have tested this plugin with OptimizePress and found this works well with our page builder when enabled (you may need to enable on OptimizePress > Dashboard > Settings > Styles & Scripts

Please ensure once enabled you check your site for any connection to the Google services – you are responsible for checking whether your site complies with your local GDPR laws – depending on the requirements in your country.

Updated on October 23, 2022

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