Known Issues, Conflicts & Workarounds

Although OptimizePress has been engineered to minimise potential conflicts or issues, we do occasionally encounter issues with other plugins or scripts due to the way they have been coded, or just occasional unavoidable code conflicts.

This page will detail any conflicts we have discovered, and recommend workarounds where available

WP-Optimize Plugin

Issue: When the minify option is active in WP-Optimize plugin, the OptimizeBuilder will not load

Recommended Fix: We recommend turning off the minify option in this plugin, or seeking out an alternative plugin.  The code for this plugin’s minify settings is very aggressive and can affect other parts of your WordPress site.

Plugin link:

All 404 Redirect to Homepage

Issue: When connecting OP3 Dashboard to licensing, it redirects to site’s homepage

Recommended Fix: Deactivate plugin and seek alternative

Plugin Link:

Post List Image Cover Issue

If you are using an image in the post list element with the image setting set to “Cover” you may notice a small 1px space to the side of the image. This issue is due to a bug in Chrome and Edge when you use an image with the “Object-fit:Cover” setting combined with the height setting to auto

Workaround: If you set a height for your image, this issue should not persist

We have also submitted this bug to the teams and Chrome who are fixing this in a future update.

Updated on April 13, 2023

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