How to use an existing page in OptimizeFunnels?

If you’ve created a page with the OptimizePress 3 / OptimizeBuilder page building platform, and you want to use this inside of OptimizeFunnels, you can do this with a few simple steps

Watch this guide for the steps to follow:

Use Existing Page As Template in OptimizeFunnels

To copy an existing OptimizePress page’s design to be used as a template in OptimizeFunnels, simply open the editor for the page you want to copy to a funnel.

Then click “Settings” at the top of the editor, and navigate to “OptimizeFunnels” and turn on the Funnel Page Template setting.

Now, you can create a new funnel or edit an existing funnel. When you add a funnel page you would simply choose from the “User Pages” template category and select the page you just saved.

In this example, I’m creating a new funnel from scratch and will choose the option “Create From Template”

The template will be in the “User Pages” category as you can see here

You can also use these as part of your split testing as well. Just click the “From Template” instead of cloning the original.

The existing pages URLs won’t be used as we are creating copies of the original pages in the funnel for you, so you can either delete your old pages or redirect them to the new funnel pages via a redirection plugin such as 301 redirects.

If you have any other questions about using existing pages in funnels, please reach out to our team for further help.

Updated on March 13, 2023

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