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How to share your templates and get credited

If you have templates you have created inside OptimizePress, and would like to share these with your audience, we have a built in way to do this.

You can share your template on a special landing page and you’ll get credited for any customers you send to OptimizePress (as long as you’re part of the affiliate program).

Follow these steps:

1. Save your template to your template library by exporting the template from the OptimizeBuilder.  To do this, open the page in the OP Builder and go to Settings > Export Template

2. Once you have exported your template, go to https://my.optimizepress.com/templates to view your exported templates

3. Click the yellow share icon to get the sharing URL for that template. You can then share this template with existing OP customers, or visitors that do not have an OptimizePress account will see an option to get OptimizePress on the landing page.

4. To ensure you are credited for any referrals from your template page, ensure you add your affiliate ID inside your profile inside the hub. To to do this go to https://my.optimizepress.com/profile/me – and click edit profile – and add your affiliate ID (just the ID not the full URL of your affiliate account)

If you have any further questions on this, please do me know

Updated on October 23, 2023

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