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How to Set Permalinks in WordPress

Permalinks in WordPress are options that you have as the site owner to control the URL structure of your pages, posts, and other custom content on your site. The default setting doesn’t really look good, so it’s best to use what we call a “Pretty URL” setup.

OptimizePress uses a Pretty URL setup which requires WordPress Permalinks to include “Post Name” in the URL. This means that the default WordPress Permalinks could be a problem if you still have “Plain” selected for the permalinks. This means that licensing your site, integrating with some integrations, and navigating Courses and Funnels will not work properly and you could get 404 or 403 errors.

We recommend using “Post Name” for the best option.

First, go under “Settings” and “Permalinks” in your site:

Then, you’ll see options like this:

As OptimizePress requires “Post Name” then we’ll choose that here, but you can also choose any option that has the post name in it, so any of these that show /sample-post/ in the URL

Make sure to save your changes after making your selection for the Permalinks setting.

Updated on May 29, 2024

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