How can I move my license?

If you have licensed a site with OptimizePress and wish to use that license on a different site, you can do this in just a few steps.

Note: Please be aware once you remove a license from a site, some features of the site will not longer function including OptimizePress editing features, some checkout functionality and other related features. We always advise keeping an active license on any site where you are using OptimizePress.

To move your license

First you need to fully remove OptimizePress from the site where you are currently using it (the site which you no longer want to use the license on). You should fully delete the OptimizePress plugins from your site to prevent errors.

Next you will need to “unlicense” the site which is currently using your license from within our hub. To do this, go to the members hub at

Go to the licensing page – and (1) click the three vertical dots and then (2) click delete.

Now head over to the new site where you want to use your license, install the OptimizePress Dashboard – and then click the Connect button to connect your site to the newly available license.

Updated on September 6, 2022

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