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🧙 Getting Started Wizard – Setup your first website

This guide will show you how to get started with OptimizePress if you have no website or you’re just getting started.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is designed for you if you are just starting with OptimizePress and need to know how to setup your domain name and get your own hosting.

  • You’re completely new and don’t have any website at all
  • You’re moving from a hosted platform (where you have no hosting of your own)

If you already have your own WordPress website (on your own hosting) – we recommend you follow the getting started guide here.

What we cover in this guide:

  1. Purchase a domain name
  2. Setup WordPress Hosting
  3. Install & Setup WordPress
  4. Recommended Next Steps

You can expect this process to take under 1 hour in total.  By the end of this guide you can expect to have your own website and domain setup ready to start using OptimizePress.

Step 1. Purchase a Domain Name

The first step in getting your own website online is to purchase a domain. Let us show you how to purchase a domain in just a few simple steps in the video below:

Overview of this video:

  1. Go to Namecheap to choose your domain name.  
  2. We recommend a .com for a Worldwide business – or a domain specific to your country (e.g. co.uk if you’re in the UK) if your business is more geographically targeting to a particular country or region.

Step 2. Setting Up and Connecting Your Hosting

We’ll show you how to setup a hosting account, and connect your domain to your hosting so your site is ready for WordPress

Overview of this video:

  1. We recommend Siteground for your hosting needs if you’re starting out.
  2. The GrowBig plan is recommended as this provides more room to grow.
  3. Learn how to ensure you choose the right options for your hosting plan

Step 3. Install WordPress and Your Securing Your Site (SSL)

We’ll show you how to install WordPress on your website, and add an SSL certificate for security

Overview of this video:

  1. In this video we will configure your WordPress website
  2. How to recover your password if you forgot your logins
  3. Skip the WordPress Starter process and choose the default option 
  4. Choose the recommended functionaity for your site – we recommmend not adding additional plugins at this time.
  5. Set your Permalink Settings.  Go to Settings > Permalinks and ensure the “Post name” setting is selected
  6. Install the free SSL from Lets encrypt (free with your Siteground account).  You need this to use Checkouts on your site.

You should now have your own domain and hosting setup ready to start installing the OptimizePress Suite ready to build your first landing pages and funnels.

🧙 Getting Started Wizard – Setup OptimizePress on Your WordPress Website

Updated on September 6, 2022

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