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This video shows how to install the Smart theme and create your blog page

If you need to have a blog for your site, and are not used to how WordPress works, you may find it slightly overwhelming to create a blog posts page for your site.

In WordPress, the blog page comes directly from the theme you are using on your site, such as the OptimizePress Smart Theme.

The process is the same for all WordPress sites.

Add the Blog Page As Your Site’s Homepage

The first option that WordPress gives us is to use the homepage of your site as the blog posts page, making that the Blog page.

This is done under “Settings > Reading” in WordPress

Once you save your changes, then the homepage of your site will be the blog page. This page is styled with the theme you are using for your site. If you are using the Smart Theme, you can change the settings using the customizer (Appearance > Customize) or by going to the Theme Options under “Appearance > Theme Options”

You can refer to our guides for the Smart Theme if you need further guidance on setting up the theme.

Use Separate Page for site’s Blog

If you do not want to have the blog posts page set as your site’s homepage, then the next option is to create a new page for your blog. This page can not be created with the OptimizePress page builder currently (though we are looking into adding this in the future).

What you’ll do is go to “Pages > Add new” in WordPress:

Give the page the Title of “Blog” like you see here:

Then Publish the page

Once you publish the page, the next step is to go to “Settings > Reading” in WordPress so we can set this new page as the Posts page for your site.

Once you save those settings, your blog will now be shown at

If you need to know how to set your site’s homepage, we have a guide on that as well.

Updated on February 25, 2023

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