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Giving visitors to your site a preview of a course is a great way to get them interested in purchasing the full version of the course.

We now have this ability in OptimizeMentor as of the February 2023 updates.

What is a Course Content Preview?

Lets say you have several Courses, each with several Modules, and in each module you have several Lessons. A preview is simply a way to allow a non member to view content that would otherwise be protected. You can set Courses, Modules and Lessons to allow a Preview. Lets take a look at how this works.

Lesson & Module List Element

At the moment, the best way to showcase your course layout is with the new Lesson & Module List Element as this is built in. The content that is able to be previewed will show as available in this element, while other content will show as locked. To learn more about the Lesson & Module List Element, just visit the guide below.

You’ll also find the below instructions within the Lesson & Module List Element guide, but we wanted to include this separately to make it easier to fine 🙂

How to Display Course Content Previews

This is great for sales pages, or other pages on your site that are not protected, or are visible to members who might not have access to a course, but might want to see free lessons within that course.

To activate this feature for specific lessons, just click “Edit Details” for the lesson you want to show a free preview of.

Then simply turn on the “Enable Preview” feature as shown below (don’t forget to save the options).

Once you do this, and you add the Lesson & Module List to a page where someone who doesn’t have the membership to access the course can see it, then they will be able to access any lessons you turned on the Enable Preview setting for.

As you can see below, when someone visits a page with the Lesson / Module List element, and they are not logged in to your site, they will be able to access the lessons with “Enable Preview” set to “On”

If you have any questions or need further help using the Content Previews with the Lesson & Module List element, please reach out to our support team for help.

Updated on March 20, 2023

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