Checkouts Taxes Settings

To find the Tax Settings, simply go to your WP Dashboard, and click “Checkouts”, “Settings”, and “Taxes” where you’ll see the following screen:

The Checkouts Taxes Settings screen will not show up unless your business country is in the EU. We currently do not have tax features outside the EU at this time, though it is currently being looked into.

On the Tax Settings Screen, you can add your VAT id, and choose the options for how you would like to collect the VAT Tax such as collecting in your home country and whether you’ll collect the EU Digital Goods Tax which will turn on the collection of taxes for all EU countries.

OptimizePress does not provide tax advice or legal advice, so we would recommend using these settings after consulting with your tax advisor and/or legal advisor.

If you find any issues using these settings or need any help. Please reach out to our support team.

Updated on November 13, 2023

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