Checkouts Products Screen

The Checkouts Products Screen in OptimizeCheckouts will give you an overview of the products you have created.

Create New Product

To create a new product, just click the “Create New Product” button.

You can then enter some details about your product

After you create the product, you’ll be taken into the product edit screen. The first screen you’ll see is the pricing information, but you can navigate through all the sections there to completely setup all the options for your product.

Edit Your Product

To edit a product, simply click the blue “Edit” button.

You’ll then be taking into the product where you may make the necessary edits.

Set Category When Creating Product

The products will be displayed based on the product category they are in. You can set this category when you create a product:

Products in Live or Test Mode

You can also see which products are in Live or Test mode with the payment gateways

Cloning a Product

To clone a product just click the clone icon. An exact copy of the product, including integration rules, pricing plans, etc. will be created. You’ll just have to give it a new name.

You’ll then be able to choose options for that product.

Deleting Products

To delete a product, just click the trash icon and you’ll be prompted if you want to really delete it.

Once you click “Delete Product” it will be deleted

Updated on November 13, 2023

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