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Add Subscriber To OptimizeMentor Free Membership

While you can always use the Login and Signup form as a Registration form, you may wish to have a way to collect leads for these signups in your CRM.

This can be done using OptimizeFlow.

First, you’ll want to be sure you have an optin form setup and working with any integrations we offer, and have the page published.

Then, we will create a workflow in OptimizeFlow to add the subscriber to the free membership.

Connect Optin Form to OptimizeFlow

Now that you have a published optin landing page with an optin form on it, you are ready to go into Flow and create the Workflow to handle automating adding your subscribers to a free membership.

Head over to your WordPress Dashboard, and click “Flow” on the left side of your screen

To create a new workflow, just click one of the “Create New Workflow” buttons

I suggest at this point, to go ahead and add a name for your flow to help you know what the flow is for later on. Just click the edit icon there next to the flow name to change it from the default “New Workflow”

To set up the trigger, click on “Add new trigger to start workflow.

Set Page with optin form as trigger

If you are creating this flow from a Page in your site, you may choose “OptimizeBuilder” and “New Subscriber (subscriber added from optin form), choose the page and the form. If you have multiple optin forms you can choose the “All” option.

Use OptimizeFunnels funnel step with optin form as the trigger

If you are creating this flow from within an OptimizeFunnels funnel, then you would choose the “OptimizeFunnels” category, and then “User subscribers through funnel step” like this:

Connect Workflow to Free Membership

Now we’ll add an action step to add the subscriber to the free membership. To add an Action Step, click the “+” icon below the trigger in the flow.

Then choose “Action”

Now, you’ll choose the option for “OptimizeMentor”, and “Add to Membership”

Choose the Membership you are adding the subscriber to, and make sure to turn on the email notification so they can get their logins.

Once you click “Save” you’ll see that you have now created a two step Workflow where you are adding a subscriber either from a optin form on a page, or when a user subscribes via a funnel step in OptimizeFunnels, to your free Membership.

Make sure you turn the flow “On” and give the optin form a few test runs to be sure things work correctly.

If you have any questions or need any help with this please reach out to our support team and we’ll be happy to help.

Updated on May 21, 2024

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