Lesson Types

The Lesson Types feature inside OptimizeMentor allows you to organise your lessons better by setting custom types which help your members and course participants better understand the type of content they will encounter on that lesson.

By default, we include 3 lesson types:

  • Text Lesson
  • Video Lesson
  • Audio Lesson

You can access the lesson types admin by going to Mentor > Settings > Lesson Types:

On this page you can edit the labelling of these lesson types, and customize the icon used for each lesson type. You can also add additional lesson types by clicking the “Add Lesson Type” button.

Where are lesson types used

Currently, lesson types are selected when you create a lesson inside the Mentor lessons editor screen. By default, the Text Lesson type is used. You can change this in the dropdown when editing a lesson:

Lesson types can be shown on your pages currently using the Dynamic value – this will show a text label for the lesson.

To add this, add a text element to your page, highlight the text and then select the Lesson Type dynamic value

In a future update, we will be adding 2 new features releated to lesson types:

  • Lesson Type element – this will allow you to show the lesson type text and associated icon on your lesson pages
  • Lesson & Module Element – the lesson and module element will allow you to show a full listing of your course content, and give you the option to show the associated icon with each lesson to identify the lesson type to members before they access that lesson.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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