SamCart Integration

In this guide we’ll show you how to connect your SamCart account to OptimizeMentor.  

With our SamCart integration you can do the following:

  • Add buyers who purchase products from SamCart into your OptimizeMentor website
  • Add specific memberships to members of your OptimizeMentor site based on products purchased at SamCart
  • Automatically revoke access to memberships if a SamCart customer order is refunded
  • Automatically revoke access to memberships if a SamCart customer subscription renewal fails

Follow the steps below to connect SamCart and OptimizeMentor.

1) Get your OptimizeMentor – SamCart Webhook URL

The first step in this integration is adding the SamCart integration to your OptimizeMentor site, this will also give you the webhook URL you’ll need to add into your SamCart account.

First head to OptimizeMentor (Mentor) > Settings > Integrations

Click on the “Add Integration” button and select “SamCart” from the dropdown.

You will now be presented with a webhook URL – you need to click the button to copy this (or highlight and CNTRL / CMD + C to copy)

Click “Save Integration” to save the first step of the integration

2) Add Rules Engine integration inside SamCart

To connect SamCart to your OptimizeMentor site, you need to add the Webhook from Mentor into a new integration rule.

Head to your SamCart account, and click Settings (gear icon) .  Next click Integrations and click the link at the top of the page to go to the Rules Engine:

On the Rules engine screen under the “Integration Setup” tab you need to click “New Integration” (Blue button).

In the popup window, you will need to select Notify URL as the integration type you’d like to add, and then click “Next Step”

On the next screen to configure your integration, you need to first give your integration a name.  We recommend just adding the name of your site there or something like “Sitename – Mentor Integration”.  It just needs to be something you will recongise when selecting this integration in other parts of the SamCart interface.

Next, in the “Notify URL” field, you need to add the webhook URL you copied from your OptimizeMentor SamCart integration screen.

Once you have added this, click “Save Integration”.

3) Add product specific integration (SamCart)

For the next steps, you’ll need to know which product you want to sell in SamCart and which memberships you want those buyers to get access to.

Head over to the Products screen inside SamCart and find the product you want to sell and deliver the buyers into an OptimizeMentor membership.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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