ThriveCart Integration

We now have a complete integration between ThriveCart and OptimizeMentor, allowing you to add buyers from your ThriveCart products into any memberships inside OptimizeMentor.

Our integration uses the webhooks system from ThriveCart in combination with our internal webhooks system inside OptimizeMentor.

Follow these steps to ensure your buyers in ThriveCart get access to the relevant memberships inside OptimizeMentor.

1) Connect ThriveCart to OptimizeMentor

The first step in setting up this integration is to connect your ThriveCart site to OptimizeMentor site.  This allows ThriveCart to notify your site when an order has been placed, and ensure that all data is sent through securely so that OptimizeMentor can then add your buyer information and permissions where needed.

Head to the Integration Settings in OptimizeMentor

Go to Mentor > Settings > Integrations > Add Integration to open the integration options for adding an external connection to OptimizeMentor:

Add the ThriveCart integration

In the modal popup box, select ThriveCart from the dropdown.

Next, you will be presented with a webhook URL.  You need to add this to your ThriveCart account.  Copy the URL and head over to your ThriveCart account.  You need to go to Settings > API & webhooks > Webhooks & Notifications

On the Webhooks & notifications screen, you need to click “Add another webhook” (green button).  If you do not have this available, please contact ThriveCart who can enable more webhooks for you.

On the next screen, you’ll need to add the Webhook URL you copied from OptimizeMentor.  Add a name for your webhook (we recommend the name of your site) and then paste the URL from Mentor into the Webhook URL as indicated in the screenshot below:

Once you have added your webhook details, ensure you click “Save this webhook”.

Get your ThriveCart Order Validation Secret Word

While you are inside your ThriveCart account, you can get the ThriveCart order validation secret word which is needed to authenticate communication between your site and ThriveCart.

Head to ThriveCart > Settings > API & webhooks > ThriveCart order validation

You will need to copy the key from this page then head back over to your OptimizeMentor site.

Now you should be back on your OptimizeMentor site, with the modal box still open for setting up ThriveCart integration.

You should now paste that secret word from ThriveCart into the field provided.  This will ensure security between ThriveCart and your site when our systems communicate with each other.

The first step in connecting ThriveCart and OptimizeMentor is now complete! 

2) Get your product ID from ThriveCart

Before we continue we just need to grab the product ID and type from ThriveCart.  This will be the ID of the product that you are integrating with your OptimizeMentor membership.  We’ll need this ID for the final step in the process.

To get your Product ID and type, you need to open your product in ThriveCart (if it’s not already open) and in the URL in your browser, look for the section after your account name:

You are looking for the product type first.  This could be:

  • products
  • upsell
  • downsell
  • order bump (this will still be under products for your product id)

You’ll need to make a note of this as we’ll need to set the product type inside OptimizeMentor in a moment.

Next you also need to make a note of the product ID.  That’s the number after the product type – in this example 176

Now we’ll head over to OptimizeMentor to configure the final step:

3) Connecting your membership inside OptimizeMentor

The final step in connecting OptimizeMentor and ThriveCart is to connect up one of your OptimizeMentor Memberships with the ThriveCart integration.

First, open the membership where you want to send buyers from ThriveCart.

Click  “Integration Rules” in the membership sidebar:

Now you need to click “Add Integration Rule” to open the integration rule setup window.

You now need to configure the integration rule to listen for the product ID of your product from ThriveCart to connect this to OptimizeMentor:

(1) Select ThriveCart in the first dropdown 

(2) Select Product Type to match your product type from step 2.  If you are using an order bump, this will be the same Id as product.

(3) Enter the Product ID from ThriveCart (see step 2 above) 

(4) Select if you want to send a notification to these new users with their login credentials for your OptimizeMentor website (we recommend you leave this on)

Click “Create New Integration Rule” to complete the process.

That’s it! Your OptimizeMentor site is now integrated with ThriveCart, and buyers of the product you connected will now be added into OptimizeMentor.

You can repeat this process for any products you want to link between ThriveCart and OptimizeMentor.  Memberships can be connected to multiple products at ThriveCart if you need to (so you can give access from different products inside ThriveCart..

Updated on November 28, 2022

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