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Links to pages which are protected with OptimizeMentor memberships may still be visible to members who don’t have permission to view them. This would include dripped content or pages from other memberships. 

The default behavior is that links to your pages may be visible (in Menus, and in Page Listings elements) and when a user clicks the link, they will be shown your Protected Content Page, or No Access / Upgrade Page (depending on if they are logged in or not) which advises them they do not have access. These pages can be configured in the
Redirection Settings.
If you wish to hide links to these protected pages, you need to go to “Mentor > Settings > Protection Settings” and then turn on the “Hide Links to Content” option like you see here:

Having this on will ensure that your members will only see the links to pages they actually have access to at the time they are looking at the links. 

Important Notes on this feature

1) If you are using our Drip Scheduling option, this will hide links to those pages in Content Listings elements and they will just appear when they are dripped to the user.

2) If you have manually created hyperlinks anywhere on your site using HTML or other codes, these will NOT be hidden by this feature

Let our team know by submitting a ticket if you need any help with understanding this feature 

Updated on November 28, 2022

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