How to Change the Courses Prefix

A prefix is the same as a “slug” in WordPress terminology. This simply edits the URL for the Courses post type that we use in OptimizeMentor. 

By default, a course URL would look like –

Now if you want to use something else other than “course” in the URL, such as “class” then you would change this by navigating to “Mentor > Settings > Course Settings” and change it like you see below. Just don’t forget to click the blue “Save course settings” button.

Now the course URL will load under –

Once you do this, you may start seeing 404 errors when trying to access your existing courses. To fix this, simply refresh your permalinks.

You may refresh your permalinks by visiting the Permalinks setting in WordPress under “Settings > Permalinks” and simply clicking “Save Changes” which will force a refresh and make the new Courses Prefix (slug) start working so your course pages will load after you try to visit them. 

If you should have any trouble with changing the course prefix, just reach out to let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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