How to Reset Member Passwords

If you need to send a user a password reset link or change their password manually, you can do that easily.

You can send a password link to an existing user by going to your WordPress Dashboard and navigating to “Users” and “All Users” – Once you locate the user, just click “edit” 

Then scroll down to “Account Management” where you can send a password reset link to the user by clicking the “Send Reset Link” button.

Manually Set a New Password for a User

To manually set a new password for your user, navigate in your WordPress Dashboard to “Users” and “All Users” and locate the user you want to edit, and then click “Edit” when you hover your mouse over the username.

On the user edit screen, scroll down to “Account Management” and click  the “Set New Password” Button

Now you’ll be able to generate or type in a password. Just make sure it is a Strong Password.

Then scroll down to the bottom of the Edit User screen and click the “Update User” button to save the changes. 

After you change a users password manually, don’t forget to send it to them.

Quick Tips

A password reset link is a much more secure way of having a user send a password, but in some cases the password reset process is overwhelming for some who are not familiar with WordPress, so it is best to be prepared for those requests where a member says the password reset doesn’t work. In most cases they just will not know how it works and get confused.

Always make sure to use strong passwords and handle passwords with care, such as not sending them through Facebook or social networks. Sending through secured SSL encrypted email is the best way if you must send them a password. Most email platforms such as Gmail or Macmail would be secure as long as those accounts are using strong passwords and two factor authentication (the idea is to not let the password get stolen). Email is not the best way but surely is not the least secure. 

If you have questions or need help about any topics in this guide please reach out to the support team and they’ll be happy to help.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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