How to Import Members

To import members into OptimizeMentor, you have 2 options

  • Use the CSV import (where you have a spreadsheet of contacts or members to import
  • Add a list of members manually inside the OptimizeMentor interface

In this article we’ll cover how to use both of these features.

Finding the Import Options

Before you decide on how you will import your members, you first need to access the Members screen inside OPtimizeMentor. This will give you access to the Import options.

To find the members screen, go to Mentor > Members. You can select this from the sidebar or find Members in the top menu bar within OptimizeMentor’s interface.

Once on this screen, click “Import Members” to begin the import process and choose your preferred import method.

OptimizeMentor CSV Member Import

To import a list of members via CSV, you first need to save them into a spreadsheet with 2 columns:

  • Name
  • Email

You should not have any headers in the CSV, and ensure you have no other data. You can download an example CSV below:

You can prepare your file in a spreadsheet tool like Excel, Numbers or Google sheets. It might look something like this in that platform. If you are exporting from one of these tools, ensure when you export you choose CSV format.

Once you have prepared your CSV file, choose the Import members option and select CSV file:

You will now be prompted to select your CSV file to upload to your site. Click “Choose file’ or “browse” and find your previously saved CSV file and click Import once you have loaded your file.

You will now be presented with a summary of the members you are importing. On this screen you can select which memberships to give to these members, and whether you wish to notify these members by email about their membership:

Once you are happy with your selections, click “Import” to finalise the import of these members.

If you import any users who already exist, they will still keep the same logins, and the memberships you add to them will be granted to them as an update to those users.

If you check the “notify user by email” and they are a new user, they will get an email with logins.

Note that passwords can not be imported as those are created automatically when the user is added

Updated on April 19, 2024

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