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The video above covers the Drip Scheduling for Pages, Posts, and other content, as well as how to setup Drip Scheduling for the Courses. To learn more about how the Course Drip Scheduling works, please click the link below for our step by step guide on setting those up:


How to setup Drip Scheduling for Posts, Pages, or other content

In order to setup Drip scheduling for posts, pages, or other content on your site, you’ll need to complete the following two steps first:

  1. First, please Create Your Membership
  2. Second, you’ll want to Setup Access Rules for your pages or posts.

Once you have those two steps done, now you can setup the Drip Scheduling. If you are setting up a drip schedule for a course that you built within Mentor,
please check our other guide for that

Setup up drip scheduling is easy. You’ll just need to navigate to “Mentor” and then click on the Membership you want to setup the drip scheduling for. Then click “Drip Scheduling”, and click the blue “Add Drip Schedule” button to begin:

Now you’ll setup a name for the drip schedule, 

Next, you’ll choose the content you want to setup the Drip Schedule for. You can click multiple times to select all the pages you need. This will only show content that you have
Setup an Access Rule for, so you should have done that before reaching this point (if not, go back and do this and then come back to setup the drip schedule). 

Note that all the content you select here will be dripped at the same time. If you want each page to drip at a separate time, you’ll just create a new drip schedule for that page or group of pages. 

Once you select the content you’ll see the “Select Content” field show all the items you selected:

Next, we’ll setup the Drip Action. There are several options here so we’ll go through each option. The first optin is whether you want to drip the content, or expire the content. Expiring content is like the opposite of dripping. This is where they would perhaps get access to something for a limited time, and then it gets taken away, which would be good for a limited time bonus, such as offering a coaching call but only if they take it in the first week or two. Of course, the Drip option is what allows you to setup a future time when a content will be released sometime after the member is able to access the content. 

Now, choose the number of days, weeks, months, or even years that all the content selected will be dripped (or expired):

You can also choose which day of the week this will happen. In the following example, if Monday is selected, then we’ll release the content after 7 days, but only on Monday.

So now that we have chosen all the drip options for our 3 bonus pages to drip after 7 days, on a Monday, we need to save the changes by clicking the “Create New Drip Schedule button.

Now you’ll see the green success message and the new drip schedule

You may repeat this process as often as needed to setup different release schedules for different pages or multiple pages/posts which are protected in the same Membership.

How to edit an existing drip schedule

To edit an existing drip schedule, just navigate back to the Drip Scheduling area and click the gear icon to edit the drip schedule

How to delete a drip schedule

To delete the drip schedule, simply click the trashcan icon 

Then you’ll see the confirmation. If you are sure you want to delete it, then click the red button

Once deleted, you’ll see the drip schedule disappear and a green success message

Check our other guide on How to Setup Drip a Drip Schedule for a Course Created in OptimizeMentor

If you have any questions about how the Drip settings work please reach out to our team and they’ll be happy to help.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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