Setup Drip Scheduling for your Course

This guide covers Drip Scheduling for the Course Builder in OptimizeMentor.

In order to set the Drip Delay up for a Course, you’ll first need to setup an access rule for the course. To do this, please check the following guide and then come back to this guide to continue

When you have setup the Course Access Rule you may continue below:

Setup the Drip Schedule for the Course

Now that you have protected the course with a membership following Step 1 above, now we need to setup the Drip Schedule. 

You should already be on the following screen if you just setup the Access Rule, but you can quickly get back to the course editor if you are coming into this after already setting the Access Rule – Just go to “Mentor > Courses” and click “edit” on the course.

Now lets click on “Drip Schedule” to begin setting up the drip delays.

Now just click on “Create New Drip Schedule”

On the next screen there are several options, but don’t worry as they are not too hard to figure out. I’ll list each option below and then show you what I selected.

Define for which membership – We already setup the access rule so now we just need to choose that membership here, in this case “Cat Training Courses”

Select the trigger event – You can trigger based on Members Registration, which is the day the user was registered, or a Fixed Date & Time

Select the release type – Here you will select Systematically which drips similarly for each lesson or module. Or you can choose custom intervals in case you want some content to drip at different times than others (such as one lesson for 3 days and another for 2). If you choose the custom interval option you’ll be able to set each individual module or lesson a custom drip option. 

Type of content to release – You can select Lessons or Modules here.

Release Content Every – You can select the number of days, weeks, months, or years 

Starting after – Select the module or lesson you want to start the drip schedule after. This means that the first module or lesson is going to be available immediately (or on specific date if you choose), and then the next lesson or module will start on the next interval (example, 1 day). For example, if you set to drip every 1 days then the first lesson would show “Day 0” while the next would show “Day 1”. If you do not select a lesson or module then the first will be selected by default. You can change this to a different lesson or modules if you want the first several lessons or modules to be released immediately at day 0, then the drip can start after the “Release Content Every __” setting. 

Once you choose the options you want, click the blue “Create New Drip Schedule” button to save the options. 

As soon as you do that, you’ll see the drip schedule that was just created. Notice to the right of modules and lessons you can see when each will be unlocked and at what day (or what week, month, year if you selected other options). 

Once you confirm that the drip schedule is what you wanted, you are all done with setting up the drip schedule and can safely navigate away from that screen

We know sometimes it can be difficult to think about how Drip Schedules can work. If you need any guidance on this or have any difficulty with setting up Drip Schedules please reach out to our helpful support team and they’ll be happy to guide you further on this anytime. 

Updated on November 28, 2022

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