LeadLovers Integration

This tutorial will show you how to connect your LeadLovers email marketing service with OptimizePress.  This will allow you to pass subscriber emails into LeadLovers from an OptimizePress optin form or landing page.

Part 1: Get Your LeadLovers API Key

To integrate with LeadLovers, simply login to your account using your registered email and password on https://leadlovers.com/

Once logged in, click on the small icon on the top right corner and select Settings in the dropdown.

In the Preferences area, copy the API key provided in the Token Web API area as we will be using this to integrate with OptimizePress.

Part 2: Connect your site to LeadLovers

Now that you have your API key, you’ll want to login to your WordPress site where you have OptimizePress installed, and navigate to OptimizePress3 > Integrations

Then click the blue Add New Integration button.

You’ll now see a popup window where you can type in the search box the service you want to integrate with. Type in LeadLovers and then hover your mouse pointer over the LeadLovers logo and then click on the green Enter Credentials button.

Insert your LeadLovers Token, which you copied earlier.

Once you’ve inserted your LeadLovers credentials, click on the blue Add New Integration button.

You’ll now see the success message quickly popup in the bottom right of your screen.

Part 3: Connect Your OptimizePress Optin Form Element With LeadLovers

With LeadLovers successfully integrated, the final step is to connect your OptimizePress opt-in element in order to begin collecting leads.

To do this, open your landing page containing your form with the OptimizeBuilder.

Under opt-in form options, click the small envelope icon and click the Edit Integration button.

An integration options window will appear. Select LeadLovers in the list of options and click the Next Step button.

Under the dropdown, select the Machine, Tag, Email Sequence or Sequence Level you would like to use that you can set up in your LeadLovers dashboard.

With your list and form selected, click on Next Step.

Next, select the form fields you would like your forms to collect and pass to Leadlovers. With your fields selected, click on the next step.

For this example, we have left the other options to default. Once you’re happy with your settings, click the Close button.

Your opt in form is now ready to begin collecting leads ready to use with LeadLovers.

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If you have any trouble please reach out to our support team for further help. 

Updated on February 18, 2023

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