Conversions Dashboard

Conversions Dashboard is a feature available in the Suite & Agency plans only

The Conversions Dashboard is an area that allows you to get a top-down overview of your most important metrics – Your Leads, Conversions & Conversion Rates.

You can access it by going to OptimizePress and clicking on Conversions.

You will be taken to the main conversions dashboard.

The main area will be the Conversions Performance section, which displays the performance of all of your landing pages on your website over a set period.

You will be able to check out your Unique Impressions, Conversions, and Conversion Rates as well as your Latest Leads and Top-Performing Pages.

Invaluable data for helping you optimize your pages and gain better results.

Clicking on the Reporting tab will take you to the Reporting dashboard.

Here, you will be able to get a graphical view of your business growth. You will be able to view your data as Conversions or as Conversion Rates.

Finally, the Settings tab takes you to an area that includes a single option to Enable Conversions Tracking on your website.

This is set to On by default and recommend leaving this as is in order to track your sales on your website.

Updated on December 1, 2022

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