Product Integration Rules

Integration rules are a powerful mechanism we built into OptimizeCheckouts for connecting 3rd party services with your products. These integration rules will trigger for Payment Success, Payment failure, as well as subscriptions. 

This video will show you a general overview of integration rules for one time and recurring subscriptions:

When editing/creating a product in OptimizeCheckouts, click on Integration rules on the left menu. 

Then you can add a new Integration Rule by clicking “Add Rule

Name the integration rule, choose which trigger action you want, and then choose the integration service and options you want.

Here you can see that I integrated with ActiveCampaign using a list and tag, triggered by a Payment Successful status. 

Clicking the blue “Add Rule” button at the bottom (above image) will create the integration rule.

Now you’ll see the rule has been added (you can see the summary of the rule without clicking the edit icon).

if you want to add another, just click “Add Rule” button.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Integration Rules Can I Add to a Single Product?
There are not any limits on how many integration rules you can add, however please do consider the hosting account and whether you may be hitting the limits there. Chances are if there are problems with any of the Integration Rules not working (if you have a lot of them), we could look into it, however in most cases this could be due to timeout settings or memory limits on the hosting. 

What fields are sent to the 3rd party service?
Currently, Integration Rules will send only the First name, Last Name, and Email Address over to the integrated service. We are looking to expand the options for this to include other details about the order. We’ll update this guide when that is released (Most likely will be in 2022). 

Updated on September 17, 2023

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