Create Recurring Pricing Plans

In this quick tutorial, we’re going to discuss how to create a product pricing plan for your products.

1. Setting up the pricing plan

To get started, go to OptimizeCheckouts > Products

If you already have a product, click on the blue Edit button for the product to go to the product settings and click on Pricing Information. Otherwise, click on Create New Product.

In the Pricing Information area, what we want to do is set up a recurring pricing plan that will allow you to charge your customers an initial fee followed by a recurring charge in the months ahead.

Click on the blue Add New Plan button to add a new pricing plan.

Give your pricing plan a name and under the Type dropdown, select the Subscription option.

For this example, we’re going to charge our customers an initial $197 fee followed by a recurring monthly charge of $27.

To do this, type in 27 in the Price field.

Set the Billing Period to Monthly.

Set the Trial Period (in days) to 30. Not setting a trial period will mean customers will be charged $27 in addition to the initial $197 setup charge.

Finally, under the Setup Price, type in 197, which will be the fee customers will initially pay when purchasing your product.

The final setup will look like this.

Your recurring payment plan is now ready to be used on your sales and checkout pages.

2. Add your payment plan to a Checkout

Next, we’ll need to add our product to a Popover checkout form on our Sales Page.

For more information on how to create a Pop Overlay Checkout Form, please refer to the KB article in the link below

Products – Pop Overlay Checkout Form

Head over to your pop overlay and on the Breadcrumb trail, click on the Checkout Form link. Then click on the small Trolley icon on the Checkout Form settings bar.

A lightbox will appear with field selections to choose from.

Under the Product dropdown, select the new recurring pricing plan that you set up earlier.

Click the green Next Step button to move on to the next steps of the setup process.

With the process complete, your product will now be assigned to your checkout form ready to collect orders.

3. Add Checkout Popover to a payment button.

The final step is to assign our checkout popover to a CTA button.

To do this, click on the button you would like your customers to click and access your checkout form.

Click the Link icon on the button settings bar to reveal the Link Action settings.

In the Action dropdown, select the Show Popup Overlay option.

In the Pop Overlay Trigger dropdown, select the pop overlay that we created earlier.

Updated on December 2, 2022

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