Intro to Stripe Recurring Payments

In this quick tutorial, we’re going to introduce the Stripe Recurring Payments Payments feature inside OptimizeCheckouts.

One of the best places to use recurring payments is on a membership site, monthly coaching or a service that requires continuity.

While the OptimizeCheckouts Stripe Recurring Payments feature does this with ease, it can do a whole lot more!

As we go through the set-up process and configuration steps, You’ll begin to see the bigger picture of all the goodies this feature can do for you and your business.

  • Perhaps you want to charge a one-time setup fee that adds a recurring payment in the months following.
  • Maybe you want to provide access to a vault containing premium products and downloads for an initial one-time fee and continue to charge your customers for future access.

Whatever your needs, you will be able to set this up using the Stripe Recurring Payments feature and will share more in other KB articles.

Updated on December 1, 2022

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