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One Time Offer – Configure Thank You Page

In this quick tutorial, we’re going to discuss the configuration of your checkout Thank You Page or Order Summary Page.

The thank you page is a page a subscriber or a customer would see after opting into an email list or purchasing a product.

It would typically consist of more information about your downloads or an order summary of your order.

When you first open your page, you should see the product Checkout Downloads element or Checkout Summary element added to your page depending on the template used.

Here’s an example of a Thank You Page with a Checkout Downloads element embedded.

Please Note: The download element listing is simply a placeholder and is used to design the look of the element on your page. Your customers will only see a listing of products they’ve purchased.

If you do not have this element on your page and would like to add it manually, you can do so by going to the Cart Elements area in OptimizeBuilder and dragging the Checkout Downloads element to the desired area of your page.

First, open a page you would like to use as a Thank You Page with OptimizeBuilder.

Next, head over to the elements listings and scroll down to Cart Elements.

You should see a listing of all of the relevant elements.

To insert an element for your customer to access their downloads post-purchase, drag the Checkout Download element to the desired section on your page.

Alternatively, if your product is a digital video course, you may simply require having a Checkout Summary on your Thank You Page, which includes a summary of what your customer bought.

To insert a Checkout Summary, drag the element to the desired section on your page.

As with the Checkout Downloads element, you will be able to edit and style the element to best fit your brand.

Updated on February 8, 2023

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