One Time Offer – Configure OTO Pages

In this tutorial, we’re going to walk you through how to configure a One-Time-Offer or an OTO Page.

If you followed the previous tutorial, you should now have an Upsell / Downsell funnel set up. If you have yet to do this, please follow the guide in the KB article below:

One-Time-Offer Initial Setup

To configure a new One-Time Offer Page, we’re going to add a brand new page below the first Upsell Offer. To do this, hover over the green Y icon until it changes to a blue + icon.

Click on the icon to reveal a lightbox to reveal a list of actions. From the list of actions, select the blue Create from Template button.

You will be taken to the preset template selection area. Click on the Sales Page tab and select a template you’re happy with and give your page a name.

With your page saved, it will now be listed below the Upsell Offer Page.

Please Note: As this is a sales page, there is currently no upsell offer pointing to it and will be required to set this up in OptimizeBuilder.

Open the page by clicking on the Edit link on the top right of the funnel stage, followed by the Edit in OptimizeBuilder selection.

In OptimizeBuilder, we now want to add an Upsell/Downsell button to replace the default Add to Cart button.

To do this, expand the left element bar and scroll down until you see the Cart Elements.

Drag and drop the Upsell/Downsell element above the default Add to Cart button.

With the element added, go ahead and delete the default Add to Cart Button.

The next step is to assign a product to the Upsell/Downsell button. Click on the button to reveal the element options bar, followed by the checkout icon.

Click the great Upsell/Downsell Options button to take you to the Product Options.

In the Product Options dropdown, select the product you would like to set as your Upsell and click the green Next Step button.

The next stage is to assign where the customer will go once they have purchased the upsell. For this, we will choose the Next Funnel Page (Yes) option. Click Next Step.

The final step will be to select where your customer will go if they DO NOT purchase your Upsell.

Click the Specific Funnel Page option and from the dropdown, select the Downsell Offer Page and click Next Step.

Confirm the selections in the next section by again, clicking on the green button.

Your new One-Time Offer Page is now fully configured and ready to begin taking orders.

Alternative Downsell Setup

To assign your Downsell Offer in the Funnel settings, click on the red N icon next to Upsell stage, then click on the Connect Existing Stage option.

This will turn on Connect Mode, allowing you to visually select which stage of the funnel you would like to connect to your existing Upsell Offer.

Hover your mouse over the Downsell Offer Page to reveal a blue line preview of the final connection.

Click on the Downsell Offer Page to confirm the connection.

Updated on December 8, 2022

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