Settings – Add Business Information

This tutorial is going to cover the Business settings in your OptimizeCheckouts Settings Page.

It’s important to enter your business information as it will display on the invoices that your customers will receive upon purchasing your products and services.

You should also ensure that the proper VAT/tax information is added as this is sent to Stripe for Tax calculation purposes.

To get to your business settings to OptimizeCheckouts > Settings

Under the Business Information, you will be able to set your Preferred Currency that all of your products that will be sold and your Business Address.

You will also be able to set your Country of Residence and insert your Business Logo, which will display on your customer invoices.

Under the Taxes section, you are able to insert your VAT Number / Tax ID.

You can also turn on the Charge Tax in Home Country and Collect EU Digital Goods Tax. We recommend you consult your Tax Attorney/Accountant for more information and guidance.

Updated on December 2, 2022

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