Overview of OptimizeFunnels

The above video will give you an overview of where to find things in the OptimizeFunnels Dashboard.

We built an easy to use interface for OptimizeFunnels, but here is a breakdown on where to find it, and how to access the different settings.

OptimizeFunnels Dashboard link: 
Click the link in the left admin navigation panel to open the OptimizePress Funnel Builder

OptimizeFunnels sub menu links:

The Funnel Dashboard also has the same links, as well as a list of existing funnels, or if no funnels exist, a “Create Your First Funnel” button:

Once you create a funnel (or multiple funnels) then you can see a preview here of what the OptimizeFunnels Dashboard would look like, and also what the “Funnel Pages” area would look like in case you want to see a list of ALL your OptimizeFunnels pages

Once you create a funnel and on the Funnel Edit Screen, you’ll see some different menus there as well: 

A: The top menu links are specific to the funnel being edited.

From left to right: 

Left side first icon = Copy link to the first page in the funnel
Left side 2nd icon = Open first page in funnel (in new browser tab)

Right side “Funnel Steps” = The screen in the screenshot above where you can edit, add, or remove funnel steps.
Right side “Funnel Stat” = Coming soon, you’ll find all the stats for your funnel
Right side “Checkouts” = Coming soon, you’ll be able to create payment forms for your funnel
Right side “Settings” = Settings for this funnel. 

Here is a screen shot of what settings you may change for the funnel:

As you can see, you may change the Title, slug for the funnel, as well as insert scripts that will go on ALL funnel pages (You may still add additional scripts in the OP Builder for each specific page if you need). 

B: On the Funnel Edit Screen, each funnel step (page) in the funnel also has some menu option

From Left to Right: 

First icon = Delete this funnel step (use caution)
2nd icon = Clone funnel step
3rd icon = Open funnel step (page)
4th icon = Page Properties

Page Properties will allow you to edit the Page Title, Page Slug, and whether the page is published or in draft status

That concludes this short overview of the OptimizeFunnels Dashboard. We’ll cover each of these areas in more detail in other guides and videos.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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