Delivering Digital Downloads via Email

If you have a product being sold in a funnel and you find that your customer leaves your funnel before completing the upsell or downsell process, you may worry they might miss your downloads on the thank you page.

To resolve this, you can use a special “successurl” variable in your confirmation email which is sent to any buyer of a product – and add your funnel thank you or order confirmation page to this to ensure they always get a link to the end of your funnel.

Important notes on this process:

  • If you are using a product in more than one funnel or selling it separately, you would need to clone your product as you can only set one product success url per product and this would need to be specific to the page in the funnel.
  • In summary – this video will show you how to send a link to your thank you page for anyone that buys your product in your funnel.
  • You may wish to repeat this process for any upsells and downsells in case you have anyone that chooses one upsell but not the other upsells.  

Updated on November 28, 2022

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