Delay JavaScript Execution

      Delay JavaScript Execution to give your pages an extra speed boost.

      What does Delay JavaScript Execution actually do?

      The Delay JavaScript Execution feature is kind of like lazy load for JavaScript codes. This allows delaying the loading of JavaScript code until after the page visitor starts interacting with the page. This will ensure that pages will load faster (even with external scripts), and provide a much better overall user experience, as well as boost the page speed scores you’ll get from the speed testing sites such as GT Metrix, and Google Page Speed Insights.

      Here’s one example of a page created with OptimizePress with some external scripts added (HelpScout widget, Google Analytics & Improvely tracking):

      While this page does perform quite well without delaying JavaScript, the score can be improved even more.

      Now, here is the same page after using the Delay JavaScript Execution feature:

      With this feature activated, we have cut the load time in half which is quite a significant improvement. As you can see, this feature can help improve pages that are having trouble with some of the following PageSpeed suggestions: 

      • Remove unused JavaScript
      • Minimize Main thread work
      • Reduce JavaScript Execution time
      • Total blocking time
      • First contentful paint
      • Time to Interactive

      How to activate the Delay JavaScript Execution feature: 

      Login to your WordPress site and navigate to “OptimizePress3 > Optimizations” 

      Then toggle on the setting for Delay JavaScript Execution: 

      Be sure to follow the advice in the popup notice and click “confirm”

      Also don’t forget to save the settings for this page: 

      To learn more about this feature please visit this link: (Link opens in new tab)

Updated on November 28, 2022

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