How to integrate OptimizeLeads with OptimizePress

TUTORIAL AIM: In this tutorial, we're going to go through how to integrate OptimizeLeads with OptimizePress.

- To begin, head over to your OptimizePress menu under Dashboard >> Global Settings. You should see the OptimizeLeads option listed. Click on this to reveal the API area. You will need to firstly create a new API key from your OptimizeLeads dashboard and paste this into the API box.

- To Create a new API key, go to ' Integrations' and click on the  link in your OptimizeLeads Dashboard.

- You will be taken to the API keys area. Click on the button.

- A new API key will be created with the option to give it a Name. You will be able to create as many API keys as you want for different integrations

TIP: We recommend you name your API keys for future reference so you know where they are being used. 

- Click on the  button to copy the API key to the clipboard.

- Go back to OptimzePress >> Dashboard >> Global Settings >> OptimizeLeads and paste in your API key in the area provided.

- Save the changes. Your OptimizeLeads account should now be fully connected to your OptimizePress installation.

- To learn how to insert your Lead boxes to your OptimizePress pages, please refer to the tutorial on 'Publishing Forms To OptimizePress LiveEditor Pages'

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Can I use 1 API key on more than 1 site?

A - Yes, you can use a single API across multiple sites. You do not need to generate a API key for each site you want to use OptimizeLeads on.

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