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Publishing Forms To Your WordPress Blog Posts & Pages

TUTORIAL AIM: In this tutorial, we will show how to publish OptimizeLeads forms to WordPress blog posts & pages.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do NOT use OptimizePress this is for you.

If you DO use OptimizePress (Theme/Plugin) but would like to publish to your LiveEditor Pages, please refer to the tutorial on ‘Publishing Forms To OptimizePress LiveEditor Pages‘.

– To begin, please ensure that you have installed the OptimizeLeads Plugin to your WordPress site. Please see the tutorial on ‘Installing OptimizeLeads To WordPress‘ for further instructions.

– Once the plugin has been installed and configured with your API key. Head on over to OptimizeLeads >> Dashboard

– Here, you will be able to select from all of your lead boxes, which will be pre-populated as a drop-down as well as choose to globally show on your home page, all of your posts, pages and selected categories.

– If you would like to only insert your lead boxes on specific areas of your site, then you can do so by copying the shortcodes of your lead boxes and pasting them. To do this, head over to OptimizeLeads >> Shortcodes

– You will see a list of all of your lead boxes with their shortcodes, which you can copy. Copy the shortcode of the lead box you would like to use.

– Next, head to the editing area of the page or post that you would like to insert the lead box.

– In the text editing area, past in the shortcode and save the changes.

– Your lead box should now appear.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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