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TUTORIAL AIM: In this tutorial we will overview the main publish option settings.

There are different ways to publish your OptimizeLeads optin boxes, which we will now look at.

On your dashboard, clicking on the green ‘Publish‘ button will take you to the ‘Publish Options‘ area.

PLEASE NOTE: If the ‘Publish’ button is greyed out, this is due to your optin box not being connected to an email provider. You must do this before you can publish your optin box, otherwise it will not work.

This is what you’ll be presented with:

On the left side of the Publish Options window, you will see a vertical blue bar with a list of all the different popup types, which will affect how your optin box is displayed. Depending on the style you’ve chosen, some of these popup types will be greyed out. So if there’s a particular popup style you would like to use that isn’t available, then you will be required to change the optin box style.

There are 5 popup styles to choose from:

On Button-Click

Page Load Pop

Inactive Pop

Scroll Pop

Exit Detect Pop

For a more detailed overview of how to setup each popup, please refer to the tutorials in the ‘Publishing a template‘ section in the tutorials listings.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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