How to create fullscreen overlay

TUTORIAL AIM: In this quick tutorial, we’re going to look at how to create fullscreen overlay.

– To get started, click on the ‘Create New Opt-In’ link on the main menu.

– Select ‘Full Screen’ under the overlay sub menu options to filter the optin styles to only show the bar styles.

– You will have range of optin styles to choose from. Select a style, then click on the ‘Use This Design’ button.

– Next, select the ‘Main Panel’ option as the display type. Click the ‘Create My Optin’ button to confirm the selection.

– You will be taken to the visual editor, to begin making further edits to your optin design. 

– Select your email Integration type. For an overview on how to set this up, please refer to the ‘Integrations‘ tutorials.

– After selecting your email provider, you will then see all of the element options for your optin design to begin editing. For further details on the different element options, please see the ‘Main Settings of the Editor‘ tutorial.

– Once you’ve made your edits, save your changes and click on the publish button to prepare for integration on your webpages.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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