The main settings of the editor

TUTORIAL AIM: In this tutorial, we’re going to look at the main editor settings.

To begin, we’re going to talk about the main settings that will appear for each of your optin box styles.

Please Note: The settings and elements that will appear will be dynamic depending on where on your optin form box you click on the visual editor. So clicking on the ‘Headline’ on your optin box will reveal the headline settings in the settings bar.

This is what the general settings menu will look like when first launching the visual editor:

Clicking on each element will expand to reveal various settings split up into categories.


Main – This section covers the main optin box global settings.
– Optin Panels:
This setting will allow you to select and activate the 3 different optin panel styles, which you can edit. For further information , please refer to the tutorial on ‘
How Overlay Panels Work‘.

– Integration Settings:
Here, you will be able to setup your email integration and webinar options. For further information, please refer to the ‘
Integrations‘ tutorials.

– E-Mail File Delivery:
Here, you will be able to upload and select a file, which your subscribers will be able to access post optin. For further information on how to set this up, please refer to the ‘
Your File Library‘ tutorial.

– Tracking Codes:
You will be able to insert tracking codes from other tracking services. For more information, please refer to the tutorial on ‘
How To Insert Tracking Codes.’

– Opening Animation:
Here, you will be able to to select from a list of animation options, which will affect how your optin box gets displayed when the visitor first sees it.

– Redirect:
This element option allows you to setup a custom redirect URL to take your email subscribers to a custom page after opting in. Please refer to the tutorial on ‘
How To Setup Redirects.

– Affiliate:
Here, you will be able to select the positioning of where you would like your affiliate link to be placed.


Background Styling – This section edits the background of your optin box and background overlay.

– Overlay:
Allowing you to set the opacity and colour of the background once your optin box appears.

– Form:
Here, you will be able to edit the background colour of your optin box, border colour, border style, border width and the border radius.


Content Styling – This section allows for editing of the inner sections of your optin box.

– Exit Button:
You can choose whether your optin box should include an exit icon and adjust it’s colour.

– Sub-Headline Text:
Edit the sub-headline of your optin box.

– Headline Text:Edit the headline of your optin box.

– Text:Edit the main description of your optin box.

– Submit Button:Edit the submit button of your optin box.

– Privacy Message:Edit the privacy message of your optin box.


Form Inputs – Provides the ability to insert extra fields to your optin box.

Extra fields included are:
— First Name 
— Last Name 

— Phone 

— Organisation


Please Note: Any extra fields added should also reflect the fields present in the form thats created inside your email service.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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