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Facebook Comments or Button Element Not Showing

Due to changes at Facebook in line with new EU privacy laws, you may find your Facebook embedded element does not render on your page.  This can happen both in the editor interface and on the front end (for your visitors).

Unfortunately, this is something outside of our control. Facebook now requires anyone viewing or interacting with Facebook comments/buttons element to have accepted facebook’s privacy and cookie terms, and be logged into their Facebook account (if visitors are from the EU).  For visitors who do not meet this criteria, they will most likely not see the Facebook comments/buttons on the page at all (including the comment box).

This will also apply to you as an admin if you are adding Facebook comments/buttons but have not logged into Facebook and accepted their privacy terms.

If you are worried about Facebook comments not showing, we recommend using the WordPress comments element instead which has no viewing restrictions.

Updated on October 5, 2023

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