OptimizeLeads Tutorials Index

This page gives you a complete index of all available tutorials for OptimizeLeads you can find in our knowledgebase.

Getting Started with OptimizeLeads

Guides to getting started with OptimizeLeads

Editing a Template in OptimizeLeads

Learn how to edit a template or overlay inside OptimizeLeads

OptimizeLeads Integrations

How to use our integrations inside OptimizeLeads to connect with external services

  1. How to integrate with Infusionsoft
  2. How to integrate OptimizeLeads with OptimizePress
  3. How to integrate iContact
  4. How to integrate Active Campaign

Publishing a Template

Guide to publishing your popups and overlays

  1. Your publish options
  2. Publishing Forms To OptimizePress LiveEditor Pages
  3. Publishing Forms To Your WordPress Blog Posts & Pages
  4. Scroll pop settings
  5. How to publish on Squarespace

Your OptimizeLeads Account

Find out how to access your OptimizeLeads files and images.

  1. Your image library
  2. Your file library
  3. Setting up your first split test
  4. Analysing your split testing data
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