If you see a warning inside your Site status dashboard regarding HTTPS/SSL Secured – this means we have detected your site is not protected with an SSL Certificate (not HTTPS secured).

Using an SSL certificate is an important step for any website – Google now counts an SSL certificate as an important part of being included in their search results.  You also will not be able to use sales features of our Checkouts plugin if you do not have an SSL certificate on your site.

Most good hosting companies such as Siteground or Kinsta will provide a free SSL certificate to secure your site.

We would recommend contacting your host to ensure they have enabled an SSL certificate on your site, then navigate to WordPress > Settings > General

Check that both “WordPress Address URL” and “Site Address URL” are set to your site including https://

If you are having problems with your SSL certificate – check with your host and they should be able to assist.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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