Interval Countdown Timer Element

The Interval Countdown Timer element will let you trigger an action every 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes or every hour. The countdown relates to the hour, so if it is for example 1:02PM and you have it set to every 15 minutes, then the next interval is 1:15PM and the timer will count down to that. 

To use the Interval Countdown Timer, search or look for the countdown timers in the element sidebar

Once you add the element you can select the Interval you want to use. In this example we went with 15 minutes. 

This means the timer will countdown every 15 minute interval during the hour. The timer will reach zero at the 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes past the hour. So if it is 10:23AM (and 20 seconds) then the next 15 minute interval would be at 10:30AM like you see here: 

Choose What Happens After the Timer Reaches Zero

There are a few options for what happens after the timer reaches zero. You can: 

  • Show Text
  • Redirect to a URL
  • Hide the Timer

If you choose to Show Text, you can then toggle the option to edit the text

If you choose the Redirect option, just enter your URL

If you select the option to hide the timer, then the timer will not be shown after the countdown is over:

Restart Timer Settings

You can also choose to restart the timer, which can be good for specific use cases where you may have an automated webinar that you only want to give the visitor limited number of times to see before they can see it again. You can choose the number of days and hours before the timer will show to the visitor again. 

If you have any questions about using the Interval Countdown Timer please reach out to our helpful support team and they’ll be happy to guide you further. 

Updated on October 5, 2023

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