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The Google Maps element is a great way to showcase your business, event, or other location to help your current and potential clients/customers find you.

To add the Google Maps element to your page, click the “+” icon or “+Elements” link in the top left of the editor

You can search for the Google Maps element by typing “Map” into the search bar in the elements sidebar.

Just drag the element with your mouse over to where you want to add it.

Customizing the Google Maps Element

When you add the Google Maps element, you’ll see the inline element toolbar that you can use to customize how the element looks on your page. 

The first option, the map pin icon, will let you set the location of the map. You can also select the default zoom option for the map such as down to the neighborhood or as far out as you like. 

You can also select from a wide range of Map Effects to make the Google Maps element look the way you want. 

The next feature in the Google Maps inline element toolbar is for the Borders & Shadows. You can set the border radius, border thickness/color, as well as shadow options

You may also align the element left, center, or right

As long as the column you add the element into is wider than the maps element, then you will see how the alignment option works.

Adding Hover Shadows and Effects to the element will also help it stand out from other elements

You can also 1) Reposition the element, 2) Clone the element, and 3) Delete the element 

Clicking the gear icon will open up the Element Settings menu where you can adjust the space above/below the element, as well as the height and width settings. The alignment option here works the same as the alignment option shown above. 

If you are looking for the more advanced options, you may click the blue “Advanced Options” button to further customize the positioning (margin/padding), Mobile Responsive settings, Animation & Delay, as well as other advanced options such as custom CSS Class, Code before/after element, among other things. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have more than one location on the map?
Currently the maps element will show just one location per map, however you may add as many map elements to your page as you like. If you already built a map within Google Maps that has multiple locations and want to add it to your page, you could copy the embed code that Google provides and then add that to a “Custom HTML” element instead of using our built in Maps element. 

We hope this guide was helpful, however if you need further help with this, or any other elements, please reach out to our support team and they’ll be happy to help.

Updated on October 5, 2023

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