Viewport Progressive Images

OptimizePress now includes an advanced image optimization technology which generates progressive loading images for different device screens and allows you to load these on specific devices.

What is a Viewport progressive image and how does this feature work?

A progressive image is a highly compressed, blurred image of your above the fold images, which loads fast for the purposes of page load speed. This image is then swapped out with your proper image once a visitor interacts with the page (as soon as they move their mouse when the page is open).

This can result in much faster page load speeds for pages with large images above the fold, and gives you a better page speed score for page speed tests.

How to use this feature

To use this feature, first you must generate viewport progressive images for existing images:

Click the start button on the Viewport Progressive Images options screen

Once this is complete – your images will be ready to be used.

You can then activate viewport progressive images on Desktop, tablet and mobile views

Important: Be aware that we recommend this option for tablet and mobile views. – using will result in your page initially loading with blurred image and this can cause some confusion (even if only loaded for a second) for your visitors. The optimal benefits can be gained on mobile and tablet screen sizes.

Updated on November 28, 2022

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